Official’s Desk


Prof. Rajendra Kamble

Secretary, PVG, Pune

‘Intelligence plus character building – that’s the goal of true education’

With this vision, Pune Vidyarthi Griha (P.V.G.), a century old renowned institution, established Muktangan English School & Jr. College in the year 1978.  The intent was to provide quality education having best amalgamation of modern and traditional Indian culture with a strength of over 4000 students – from pre-primary years to Class XII – and a staff of 100 plus teaching and non-teaching faculty, the school has emerged as an institution by itself.

We understand that equipping our youth minds with the latest trends in education is our primary concern.  A dedicated and devoted teaching staff, innovative and student-centric methods of teaching, upgraded and well equipped science and computer labs, adequate opportunities to pursue curricular and co-curricular goals – all these ensure that our pupils stay tune to global standards

We are equally convinced that the key to a bright future is character building.  The  school emphasis on acquainting the young generation with our rich cultural heritage.  Diverse   extra   curricular  activities help them to explore and imbibe lessons in value education.

Blessed with a magnificent sports ground, the school encourages a sports culture.  The students are introduced to a wide range of sporting activities.  At the end of their school years, our pupils step out as holistic personalities.  We are proud that our alumni have made their mark in their chosen fields.

Principal Desk

Mrs. Meena Rane
Principal, Secondary & Higher Secondary Section

Principal’s Desk:

Muktangan – the name itself symbolises the spirit with which education is imparted to our students.
It is our endeavour to provide a warm, caring, stimulating and challenging environment in which our students learn and develop. We aim to provide an education which explores and strengthens the potential which is innate in every individual but awaiting expression. In order to do so, we seek to provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the pupil in an atmosphere that is happy and nurturing.
To achieve this goal, we begin at grass root level by striving to appraise our students with the best academic prowess. Sharing ideas, analyzing situations and expressing them confidently are essential skills which are honed here, through numerous co curricular activities. In order to meet the global standards, students are encouraged to participate in various workshops, seminars and educational excursions, which provide them access to new development in the field of science and technology. To enable a keen sense of responsibility towards one’s motherland, we organize talks by eminent defense personnel. Students also get an opportunity to visit NDA.

Besides rigorous scholastic programs, we seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. From academics to dance, theatre, music and variety of sports, we focus on developing both, the mental and the physical abilities of a student. The activities provide holistic grooming to the student wherein the child is able to explore his true potential. Besides the usual procedural teaching, we persistently upgrade and update our teaching tools and techniques. From interactive teaching methods to a healthy teacher student relationship, we work around making studies as effortless as possible.
We strongly support discipline as a quality our students must inculcate. It is an integral aspect of growth as it helps to develop self-control. Freedom can only be effectively exercised if it is guided by discipline. Self discipline helps us to learn to sacrifice individual interest for the greater common good.
We foster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students, parents and teachers striving to create a milieu that sustains excellence. There is a strong ethos of parental involvement for we recognize the need for open communication between the school and the home. It is only when teachers, students and parents work in partnership that a child can grow into an adult who displays sensitivity, integrity, good citizenship and respect for human diversity.
We wish to bear in mind that the wonderful things that we learn in our schools are the work of many generations, produced by enthusiastic effort and infinite labour in every country of the world. All this is put into our student’s hands as their inheritance in order that they may receive it, honour it, and add to it, and one day faithfully hand it on to their children. Thus, do we mortals achieve immortality in the permanent things which we create in common. If they always keep this in mind they will find meaning in the life and work and acquire the right attitude towards other nations and ages.
Our mission is to continue to do what we have always done: develop this school and the students with integrity and values; also, to give our students the best opportunities and the best all-round education.
Our vision is to produce conscientious, smart and confident citizen of India who will go out into the world and make us proud!

Mrs. Utkarsha Keni.

I/C Principal ,Primary & Pre-Primary Section

Pre-Primary and primary section lay the foundation stone in the all round development process of a child’s growth. We keep a vision of creating a safe and supportive environment for our students. Learning process for a child should be a joy and we strive for that. The child’s self-esteem is heightened. We try to understand and work with each child and provide him with the skills and knowledge required to meet the challenges in the future. Apart from the school activities, the children are motivated and groomed to participate in competitions held by other schools or organisations. Children are made to participate in competitions held at our school levels and also in inter-school competitions. To keep a right balance between academics, sports and other co-curricular actives many activities and competitions are held. We also impart them education which enhance their moral values and to be more responsible and worthy citizens of India. We work very hard in achieving our goals.
We have teachers who are highly qualified. They work hard to unfold the hidden talents and creativity of the children. The teachers here are blessed with a sense of commitment, immense patience and responsibility.

Coordinator’s Desk

Mrs. Nutan Neurgaonkar

Coordinator, Muktangan English School & Jr. College

Set amidst the serene lush green surroundings in the very heart of the city, the school has earned itself a predominant stature in the educational hub of the Pune city. Establishment in 1978 under the aegis of P.V.G. a century old institution which has created a niche for itself the field of quality education and social responsibility, the school is insync with the vision and ideals of its parent body.
Our strong conviction is that it’s not just enough to create academic scholars but to mould good and great human beings. We highly respect and admire the rich cultural and traditional diversity of our nation. It is our endeavour that while our pupils keep pace with latest trends and modern technology, they ingrain and sensitize themselves with our Indian values and ethics. Thus we ensure them a wide range of opportunities in sport, arts, cultural and performing arts that go beyond the school curricula An enormous playfield a sports complex under the expertise of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and some endearing sports mentors is an asset to the school.
Open Dais, a unique initiative is conceptualised to provide a monthly platform to budding artist to showcase their cultural talents to their peers. Numerous intra and interschool activities and competitions are customised to provide hands on experiences to bring the best out of the students.

What happens inside the four walls of the school deeply impacts the mindset of a child. The child spends almost 5 to 6 hours daily in the school. The onus is on us to make the school a safe and secure place for learning. We are fortunate to have a seasoned faculty which is highly committed to the aims and ethics of the school. Our team of dedicated and devoted teachers, helpers, non-teaching staff work tirelessly to kindle the young minds, to spark their interests and enable our pupils to become autonomous life-long learners.
We are proud that our students – the present and the past – are leaving an indelible mark on various national and international platforms.
In a nutshell, the school and its management is committed to constantly upgrade, to evolve and to change in order to be in line with the latest expectations of the current and future academic excellence.