Our History

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It is interesting to know how our school came into being.At its inception our founder members’ intent was to start a Marathi medium school; an idea that was conceptualised to provide quality education in the up-coming sahakarnagar locality in the mid 1970’s. But the Education Department declined to grant such permission as there were many other similar schools existant in sahakarnagar.
Then they mooted the idea to start an English medium school which was dreamt to mould culturally accomplished citizens. Though an English medium school, its character was to remain essentially different from those of already existing well-known convent schools in Pune. This new school was visualised for the conservation and enhancement of Indian culture & tradition through the English medium. Further, the school management was committed to provide quality education within the reach of all sections of the society through its affordable fee structure.

Instantly permission was granted and Muktangan was born on 12th June 1978. As its name suggests Muktangan is always committed itself to provide a free ground to its students to flourish in all possible directions. Today we see Muktangan under its umbrella holding varied avenues for its students to grow and take eagles’ flights high up in the open sky.