We have a well equipped library with about 23,000 books. Books are issued to children from Std. V onwards for home reading. We subscribe to a wide variety of newspapers and important educational magazines. We have a large collection of reference books too.


We have three equipped laboratories for Physics , Chemistry and Biology which is used by the students from std IX to XII which make teaching more interesting and meaningful.

Chemistry Lab :

The school has Chemistry Lab with all new equipments. Students from std IX to XII use the lab for various experiments

Physics Lab :

We have well equipped Physics Lab and plenty of audio-visual aids to make teaching more interesting and meaningful.

Biology Lab :

The school also has a Biology lab with latest equipments. Students from std IX to XII use the lab for various practicals

Computer Lab

A special section imparting Information Technology was started in the year 2001. We have a separate laboratory having 40 computers installed. Students from std.V to XII are given computer training

Sports Center Sponsored By S.A.I. New Delhi :

The Sports Authority of India (S.A.I.) has adopted our school for promotion of sports since 1988. Five different sports discipline are taught under this scheme
1. Athletics.
2. Table Tennis.
3. Gymnastics.
4. Hockey.
5. Volley Ball.

School conducts sports coaching centre Everyday in morning and evening. In the month of April and May sports camp is organized in the school for the students of Muktangan and Students from other schools.

Harshad Moghe (SAI) was awarded Shri.Chatrapati Award for Gymnastic

Harshad Moghe (SAI) was awarded Shri.Chatrapati Award for Gymnastic.
The school has a spacious play ground behind the school building measuring about three and half acres. During school hours, the play ground is used by children of different age groups.
Emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness are included in the time table itself and all games are supervised by P.T. teachers. Our children have participated in sports competitions at state, national, international level. School Participates in various interschool Sports and competitions organized by Pune Zilla Krida Parishad, Pune Girls Sports Association, Pune School Athetic Association, Maharashtra State Cricket Control Board,Pune District Cricket Association etc.
The school is founder member of Unaided English Medium Schools Interschool Tournaments from 2005. The school had been awarded championship for 3 years..

Basketball :

Students are trained for basketball in the school itself. We have spacious basketball court in the school

Football :

Coaching for Basketball/Football is given to the students

Our Campus :

Our school is fortunate enough to have a very pleasant location in the developed area of Sahakarnagar, Parvati at Pune. We have spacious building with a lawn in front of the classes. We also have a huge playground

Bus Facility :

The  school owns buses. Bus facility is made available for convenience of the students .